Niton Tactical Nite Blade Rechargeable Torch

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Niton Tactical Nite Blade Rechargeable Torch | Blue Light Direct

The NiteBlade has so many features it is perfect for use on patrol or in survival situations. With an ultra-bright 800 lumen output this torch can be seen for half a mile using full power or the SOS signal. Its easy to operate with its large glow in the dark tail cap, and is rugged enough to withstand the rigours of law enforcement.

  • LED Cree Bulb: LEDs have a life span of 100,000 hours, and using a Cree means you get more lumens per Watt. Because we combine the LED with a high quality reflector there are no black spots - just a focused white beam.

  • Functions: The NiteBlade has 5 functions - 100% power, 50% power, 25% power, strobe and SOS signal. This way you can use the same torch no matter what you encounter on shift. Full power is great for searching, reduced power can be used to save energy for reading, or the powerful strobe or SOS can be used to attract attention or as an alert.

  • Construction: We have used high grade aluminium to construct the NiteBlade. Aluminium provides a hard wearing, robust structure. The torch was then designed with an anti-roll body (so when you put it down it stays exactly where you left it), and a knurled patterning over the barrel for an easier grip.

  • Tail Cap: The tail cap has been specifically designed so he torch can easily be turned on if visibility is reduced or if you are wearing gloves. As if the large switch wasnt enough, it even glows in the dark so you can locate it quickly. Once the torch is on, tap the tail cap to move to the next function - it couldnt be easier.

  • Power: The NiteBlade is supplied with 2 rechargeable 18650 batteries and mains charger. The additional in-car charger means you can keep the power topped up on the way to work.

  • Carry: You can carry this torch however is comfortable for you. There is a large clip so it can be worn on the belt, or you can use the Niteize adjustable torch pouch (AA463). For added security while using the torch there is also a strong nylon wrist lanyard.

The Niton Team have designed a torch that really will light up the night. With an 800 lumen output and a range of half a mile....there will be nowhere to hide!

Length: 24.5cm
Barrel diameter: 2.5cm
Bezel diameter: 4cm