Niton Tactical ATOM Flashlight

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Niton Tactical Atom Flashlight | Blue Light Direct

The Niton Tactical A.T.O.M - This flashlight has more power than most D Cell torches, yet its no bigger than a key fob! If you want a bright light with a long range but dont have the space or inclination to carry a large flashlight, then the A.T.O.M is perfect.

The LED Cree XR-E provides up to 100 lumens over a range of 100m, and 1 x AAA battery can give 2 hours of use

The aluminium body and O Rings for extra weather proofing and special anti-roll design mean this is an extremely robust light

Easy to use tail cap switch

The A.T.O.M also comes with a lanyard, so you can keep it in your pocket, on your key ring or on your wrist

The Niton design team have condensed the power of a D cell torch into the compact and convenient size of a key ring. If you already have lots of kit to carry and dont have space to spare or want any additional weight, the A.T.O.M is a must have.