Niton Tactical Patrol Torch

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Niton Tactical Patrol Flashlight | Blue Light Direct

The Niton Tactical Patrol Torch has all the features you expect from a Niton Tactical flashlight, and uses the latest technology to create a light tough enough to cope with any situation. The Patrol Torch is incredibly bright which makes it ideal for search or patrol work, and is shock proof to withstand any incident you may encounter.

The LED Cree bulb provides up to 220 lumens, with a range of 100m, while the anti reflective lens and aluminium reflector provide a continuous beam with no dark spots.

The simple on/off switch has been designed so that it is easy to find and operate, even with gloves on.

Powered by 3 D Cell batteries that provide a continuous runtime of up to 2 hours

The O Ring seals provide extra weather proofing, and the aluminium body has a knurled grip so you can keep a tight grip whatever the weather

The crenulated head unit adds to the anti-roll design, so if you set it down - it will stay put

The Niton Tactical Patrol Torch is powerful, easy to operate and designed to withstand the rigours of patrol duty. The strength of the output and the beam means that there will be no-where left to hide!